Choosing the Right Closet: Walk-In vs. Wall-Mounted

Closets are essential components of any home, serving as organized spaces to store and manage your belongings. When it comes to closet design, two popular options are the walk-in closet and the wall-mounted closet. Each has its own set of advantages and considerations based on your space, lifestyle and personal preferences. Patrimonio Home specializes in designing custom closets. We can guide you through the design process to create your dream closet.

Space Utilization

One of the primary distinctions between walk-in and wall-mounted closets lies in how they utilize space. A walk-in closet, as the name suggests, is a larger area that allows you to physically walk into the space. It typically offers more room for storing clothes, shoes, accessories and even provides additional features like seating areas or dressing zones. On the other hand, wall-mounted closets are compact and designed to make the most of vertical space.

custom walk in closet
Custom Walk-in Closet

Room Size and Layout

The size and layout of the room play a crucial role in determining which type of closet is more suitable. Walk-in closets are more accommodating for larger rooms as they require more square footage. If your room is spacious enough, a walk-in closet can provide a luxurious feel and ample storage space. In contrast, wall-mounted closets are ideal for smaller rooms where maximizing vertical space is essential. They offer a minimalist and space-saving solution without sacrificing functionality.

Customization and Design

When it comes to customization and design, both walk-in and wall-mounted closets have their unique advantages. Walk-in closets offer more flexibility in terms of layout, allowing for various organizational elements like islands, shelves and hanging spaces. They can be designed to cater to specific storage needs and aesthetic preferences. Wall-mounted closets, while more compact, can also be customized with modular shelving units, built-in drawers and hanging rods to create a tailored storage solution. The choice depends on your personal style and the level of customization you desire.

Italian concept closets 02
Italian Wall-mounted Concept Closet

Accessibility and Organization

Accessibility is another key factor to consider. Walk-in closets provide easy access to all your belongings since you can physically walk around and reach different sections. This makes it convenient for organizing clothes and accessories based on categories or seasons. Wall-mounted closets, however, may require a bit more strategic planning to ensure that frequently used items are within easy reach. Proper organization with clear categorization is crucial for both types to maximize efficiency.

Cost and Installation

The cost and installation process also vary between walk-in and wall-mounted closets. Walk-in closets generally involve more construction and carpentry work, making them a pricier option. Additionally, they may require lighting and ventilation, adding to the overall cost. Wall-mounted closets, being more space-efficient and often modular, tend to be more budget-friendly. Installation is typically quicker and involves less structural modification, making it a practical choice for those on a budget or looking for a quick and easy solution.

Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet offers numerous advantages, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal in a home. Firstly, its spacious design provides ample storage space, allowing for the organized arrangement of clothing, shoes, accessories and more. This not only streamlines daily routines but also helps in maintaining the longevity and condition of wardrobe items.

The accessibility of a walk-in closet is a key benefit, as it allows individuals to easily locate and retrieve their belongings. With designated shelves, hanging rods and drawers, the closet facilitates a systematic organization that minimizes clutter and promotes efficient use of space. This organizational efficiency is particularly beneficial for busy individuals, saving time during morning routines.

luxury walk in closet 01
Luxury Walk-in Closet

Furthermore, a walk-in closet serves as a private dressing area, offering a dedicated space for individuals to select and coordinate their outfits. The design possibilities for walk-in closets are vast, allowing for customization to match personal style preferences. Additionally, the closet can enhance the overall resale value of a home, as it is often considered a desirable feature by potential buyers.

In summary, a walk-in closet combines practicality, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal, contributing significantly to the overall comfort and functionality of a living space.

Wall-mounted Closet

A wall-mounted closet, also known as a floating or wall-hung closet, comes with several advantages that contribute to efficient space utilization and a sleek, modern aesthetic. One key benefit is floor space optimization. By mounting the closet on the wall, it saves space creating a sense of openness and making the room appear larger. This is especially advantageous in smaller living spaces where maximizing every square foot is crucial.

The wall-mounted design also allows for customizable height placement, accommodating individuals of various heights and preferences. Installation is generally straightforward, and the closet can be positioned at an ergonomic height for easy accessibility to shelves and hanging rods.

Modern Italian closets 01
Modern Walk-in Italian Closet

Aesthetically, a wall-mounted closet imparts a modern and minimalist look, contributing to a stylish and uncluttered appearance in the room. Overall, the practicality, cleanliness and contemporary design make wall-mounted closets a popular choice for those seeking both functionality and a visually appealing storage solution.

Patrimonio Home also offers a variety of closets in a range of finishes. The finishes include wood, lacquer and marble-like materials. The wall-mounted closets can be installed with hardwood or aluminum frames.


In conclusion, the choice between a walk-in and a wall-mounted closet depends on your specific needs, available space, and budget constraints. Walk-in closets offer a luxurious and spacious feel, ideal for larger rooms and those who value a dedicated dressing area. Wall-mounted closets, on the other hand, provide a practical and space-saving solution, making them perfect for smaller rooms or individuals with a minimalist aesthetic. Contact Patrimonio Home today to discuss the design and implementation of your new custom closet.

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