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With 30 years of experience in home decor, Patrimonio Home provides the highest level of service and quality

Patrimonio Home

With 30 years of experience in home decor, Patrimonio Home provides the highest level of service and quality. We specialize in elegant and stylish custom home designs, Patrimonio Home can help you achieve your dream design and add a touch of uniqueness to your living area. Our approach involves pioneering design concepts while preserving the essence of home style. The innovate ideas can help you brighten your living area with the use of natural light as much as possible. We offer guidance and advise throughout the design and implementation phases and have many solutions to transform your home.

At Patrimonio Home, we believe that home design is not just about making areas look stunning, it’s about creating an atmosphere that reflects your individuality and enhances your everyday living experience.

Patrimonio home also specializes in furniture that is designed and made in Italy. The products offered by Patrimonio Home include bedroom closets and islands, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors and wall panels. Each piece is custom made with quality components and available in a variety of stunning finishes.

Custom Design

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3D Renderings & Space Layout

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Contemporary Styling

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High-quality Components

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Guarantee & Sustainability

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Our Services

Patrimonio Home offers the following benefits:

Patrimonio Home is an excellent choice if you require custom-made designs that fit your exact specifications. We guarantee exceptional craftsmanship with attention to detail and use of the finest materials and techniques.

We also offer a full-service experience:

From the initial sales consultation and design to manufacturing, project management and seamless installation, we handle every aspect of the project with the utmost care and attention.

Our Partners

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90 YEARS of history, In the world of luxury furniture. Olivieri embodies elegance, craftsmanship and sophistication. Since 1929, Olivieri has made a name for itself in the Italian furniture business and is synonymous with attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship and designs that never go out of style.

Each piece of Olivieri furniture is beautifully made by skilled craftsmen and the company is dedicated to sourcing the best possible materials to ensure durability and longevity. Olivieri is also committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices.

One of the distinctive features of Olivieri’s furniture and closets, is its ability to seamlessly blend classic looks with contemporary style. The furniture pieces are not only visually stunning but also serve practical purposes. The Olivieri collection includes furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

Each component of Olivieri’s furniture exhibits meticulous attention to detail, from the finely carved woodwork to exquisite natural wood finishes. Customers can customize their furniture to suit their own tastes and interior design preferences.

Olivieri captivates discerning customers who seek exceptional quality and beauty in their home furnishings and interior design.

Idea Group:

Idea group is the largest bathroom manufacturer in Italy, a company whose experience and know-how are the keys to its success in developing top quality bathroom furniture. Striving for quality is not only the group’s mission, but also the method that guides the entire production process for bathroom décor and accessories.

Producing bathroom furniture means working with a wide range of very different materials: from natural to lacquered wood, from marble to engineered materials, selecting the best supplies and using only top-quality components.

Idea group guarantees the reliability, safety and durability of its products, which combine great good looks and functionality in well-balanced, affordable items.

Quality as a system.

The company considers quality in production and customer service fundamental and achieves its objectives by dint of experience acquired through years of research and commitment to the bathroom furniture trade. This is still true today, when the company is opening to international markets.

Our quality control is not restricted to the production process, but also to sales, where we pay careful attention to customers’ needs and ensure punctual deliveries with well-organized logistics.

Lineaquattro Kitchens:

Made in Italy is the project,

Doing things well is not just an ultimate goal, but a mission to which Lineaquattro dedicates itself every day. For over 20 years, in fact, we have been committed to bringing the Made In Italy philosophy to the world thanks to our kitchens: models designed to furnish exclusive spaces, where every single element is created to offer style and functionality, based on individual needs. Modularity and ergonomics are the distinctive features of our kitchen programs that make customization and attention to detail their peculiarity.

Made in Italy in the making.

The high quality of the design is also reflected in the production: from the choice of raw materials to the creation and sale. All Lineaquattro kitchens are produced in Italy through a customized process to better manage every possible request. In 2014 we obtained the IT01 System certification – 100% Original Italian Quality from the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers. This recognition gives our customers the guarantee that all our products are:

  • Designed according to the company’s exclusive designs.
  • created entirely in Italy.
  • Made with Italian semi-finished products.
  • Built with quality natural materials, through typical craftsmanship.