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Modern European-style Closets

Get the latest in modern styling for your home with a European closet system from Patrimonio Home. Built with durability in mind, they are available in a wide range of materials with lacquer, wood and metallic finishes. The closets can be easily customized to suit your interior decor style with natural stone, glass and leather details.
Each closet is built with exceptional craftsmanship and made by a company with more than 90 years of experience in furniture manufacturing. Additionally, the closets feature handmade details and finishes of the highest quality. All of this is further enhanced by the knowledge and expertise of Patrimonio Home, a leading supplier of European-style closet systems in Costa Mesa, Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area.
The closets are fully customizable to optimize the available space in your room. The frames can be mounted on walls and also efficiently make use of the corner spaces. You can choose from a range of designs including walk-in style closets with aluminum frames or closets with sliding or hinged doors mounted on wooden frames.
Patrimonio Home provides a professional design and installation service. This ensures the components fit together seamlessly and function properly. Our company offers the latest on-trend designs so you can create a dream closet system for your home with fair and competitive pricing.
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The European-style closets enable individuals to design a specific system to suit their requirements. The closets maximise storage space with the addition of shelves, hanging rods and pull out drawers. The open closets have spacious interiors with no dividers to ensure plenty of room for storing clothes, accessories and boxes. Furthermore, the aluminum frames have integrated LED lighting to enhance the ambiance of the room.
With a wide variety of finishes to choose from, you can be sure to find the ideal style to suit your room. You can select between oak, walnut “15 + natural wood finishes” as well as matt and gloss lacquer surfaces. Leather and fabric covered doors are also available to add an extra stylish dimension to the closet. With ornate carving and intricate patterns, the decorative elements add a touch of sophistication to the overall look of the closet.

Patrimonio Home has a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to ensure that your custom closet is not only functional and stylish but also built to last. With an array of neatly organized shelves, drawers and hanging spaces, the closets are designed to accommodate extensive collections of shoes, garments and accessories.

Also available are wardrobes with glass panels that add a more open feel to a room and create the illusion of more space. The glass panels are mounted on sturdy aluminum frames with durable metal hinges for easy access. Both the frame color and type of glass can be customized in order to suit your needs.
With open and spacious layouts for easy accessibility, you can create different areas for casual, formal and seasonal clothing. A closet island can also be added to provide extra storage space as well as pull-out racks for ties, belts, jewelry and scarves. The islands are available in oak, walnut finishes to effortlessly coordinate with the other wooden components.
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In addition, the European-style closets come in a variety of signature styles, from modern minimalist designs to more traditional options. Patrimonio Home offers a complete range of unique and prestigious designs to suit your style preferences.

For custom closets in Orange County and Los Angeles, consult with the experts at Patrimonio Home to bring your vision of a unique storage system for your home to life. Tailor the design to your personal preferences, lifestyle and available space.